Tap/Jazz & or Combo Classes

Especially designed for our younger dancers 2-6 years old. They will receive an introduction to tap, ballet, jazz & tumbling with a variety of musical games which allows them to use their motor skills in a fun and active manner, while also becoming great listeners ☺ dancers will need tap shoes, and a small tote or back pack. Ballet shoes are optional. Any color or type of dance wear. Please no street clothes/dresses etc.


One of our most popular styles of dance! This class is taught to upbeat music along with stretching they will learn skills such as kicks, leaps & turns. Dancers may wear jazz shoes, foot undiez or go bare foot. Any type or color of dance wear.


Basic tap training done to fun music. For younger dancers; black patent leather tap shoes are required. Older dancer may wear a black jazz tap shoe. Any color or type of dance wear.


Classical ballet style. Working on technique, skills, upper body posture & grace. Dancers 8 & up will need to wear a black leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes. Dancers 3-7 will need a black or pink leotard, NO TIGHTS, white socks and pink ballet shoes. Please no long skirts (short attached skirts are ok) and absolutely no petti skirts ☺ We cannot see their knees or feet. Please have hair in bun or pony tail for younger dancers.

Hip Hop

Another popular style of dance! Similar to music videos you may see on television. Dancers MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES and may wear dance wear or sweats.


This is a very advanced form of dance consisting of a strong ballet & jazz technique background. Done to slower type of music.