Here you’ll find all of the information that will help you with the prices of classes and registration.

Dance Connection offers amazing dance classes for all dancers, young and older.  Dance Connection has an  array of dances classes for all ages and abilities along with a nationally acclaimed Dance Company.  This, Newly-Updated, seven room studio is professional and great for everyone.  Below is some information that will help you understand Tuition and Registration.

Tuition Rates

Regular Rates-

1 Class per week     $63 (per month)

1 1/2 Hr Class per week    $90 (per month)

2 Classes per week     $110 (per month)

3 Classes per week     $145 (per month)

4 Classes per week     $175 (per month)

5 Classes per week     $200 (per month)

Unlimited (6 or more classes)    $225 (per month)

Company Rates-

Senior Company     $425 (per month)

Teen Company     $425 (per month)

Junior Company    $380 (per month)

Mini Elite Company    $380 (per month)

Mini Company    $350 (per month)

Sugar Babes     $300 (per month)

Petites    $300 (per month)

Junior Company II    $275 (per month)

Pre-Company    $275 (per month)

Beanie Babes     $195 (per month)


***Annual Registration Fee – $25 per child/dancer***