Dance Connection is the best studio in the valley! They offer classes for all ages and levels in practically every dance genre. Their competitive program is consistently top notch producing national champion dancers and group dances. The teachers encourage and support their dancers as they coach them to reach their potential. The facility is clean and beautiful. I can’t imagine a better place where my kids can follow their dreams in pursuing their passion for dance! 
Traci Cavendish
My daughter has been dancing at Dance Connection for over 10 years. This family-owned studio has provided her with exceptional  training and the ability to grow with confidence in a fun and supportive environment. She loves dancing with her team and is very proud to represent this studio at competition.
Mindy Corpstein

Dance Connection is a studio that offers something for everyone, from the caring and nurturing classes for little ones all the way through elite training for advanced and competitive dancers. It has become our daughters’ home away from home. It has been a blessing to watch their confidence grow in this community. Dance Connection is truly a first class studio.

Camilla Wirick
Dance Connection is absolutely the dance studio I was looking for when I first put my daughter into dance at the age of 2. The teachers here have truly found the perfect balance of love and structure. My daughter has thrived at Dance Connection, and nothing makes me happier than seeing her huge smile as runs into dance class every week. The community that Lisa and Lori have built here is exceptional. We feel incredibly lucky to call this dance studio ours.
Alyssa Hall
Dance Connection Scottsdale is truly the best studio you can send your dancer to – whether they are little and discovering a love of dance, or if they are older and at the competitive level. The teachers are talented, compassionate, and professional, and the studio is very well-managed, committed to excellence, and loves all their dancers. The quality of instruction shows whenever our dancers are on stage; you can always spot a DCAZ dancer in a crowd! There is a wonderful sense of community at the studio, and my daughters and I have made life-long friends at Dance Connection. We LOVE DCAZ!
Mika Perry

We love Dance Connection Scottsdale!! Our daughter has been dancing at the studio since she was 2 (15 now!). Throughout the years, she has encountered top notch teachers, opportunities to grow as a dancer, and received support through her dance journey. DCAZ is a great studio for your dancer!

Tiffany Aulicino

My 3 dancers have been enrolled at Dance Connection for approximately 10 years.  Not only have they received thoughtful and technically superior dance training, Dance Connection also cares about their health and well-being, fostering a culture of teamwork, dedication and friendship.  Regardless of ability, Dance Connection allows every dancer to shine!

Cindy Crogan