Meet The Owners

Lisa and Lori were born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, growing up in a “dancing” family from day one.

With their mother teaching at various studios throughout the Valley, they were right at her tap dancing heels. At a young age, Lisa and Lori started with tap lessons from their mother and later both showed an interest in gymnastics. They kept their dancing skills growing by adding jazz and ballet.

Lisa started her young career as an outstanding gymnast, winning many state championships and making it to an elite level. After ten years, she decided to take dance more seriously, joined a dance company and attended conventions and competitions. Lisa continued her dance training with various instructors throughout the Valley, having the opportunity to dance her way to New York and perform in Russia. Lisa started teaching at age fourteen and realized what was her first love CHILDREN.

Lisa opened The Dance Connection with her sister Lori right after graduating from high school while still studying dance with a local studio. In addition to all of Lisa’s “dancing children”, she was blessed with two of her own, twin girls, Aspen and Kassidy, whom are the most “special” things in her life.

Lori started her dance career in ballet and excelled for many years. She did gymnastics as well, competing with a college team. Lori took her first jazz class when she was fourteen years old and discovered her calling. Lori competed and performed with a local studio keeping up on her jazz and ballet technique. As an adult, Lori aspired to be a �professional� dancer and moved to Las Vegas where she performed for two years. Upon her return to Phoenix, she began a serious teaching career and realized that was where she wanted to be. Opening The Dance Connection in 1984, Lori put her talents to work to become a well known, award winning choreographer. Lori resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her two children, Savannah and Sierra.

Thank You Dance Connection!

Dance Connection has helped our daughter grow in many ways. She has developed the confidence and strength of character to present herself as a dancer and a person. It has also taught her the value of good friends.

Lisa and Lori feel that The Dance Connection is a place for everyone – from the “just for fun” dancer to the “competitive” dancer. They offer classes for all levels, providing a professional education in a family atmosphere. Lisa and Lori’s mother, Ms. Virginia, will always be a “special” part of their studio by providing excellent instruction in tap and tumbling. We thank her for setting such a wonderful example to follow. Lisa and Lori hope that The Dance Connection will continue to grow, helping students gain the confidence, self-esteem and discipline to do anything in life.